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News — T-shirts

A T-Shirt That Cannot Get Stained : SILIC

For the entire day, our clothes are presented to various things that can damage them. The greatest risk elements are the things we eat and drink. Ever spilled water or dropped food on your garments and needed to change your whole outfit?

Now the Solution for the problem is out here "SILIC" is the first self-cleaning clothing line with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology.The Super soft, and breathable fabric prevents stains from sweat and spills before you end your day, and also can last over 80 washes.

The Fabric uses nanoparticles of silica attached to the strands on the microscopic level. This reasons water-based fluids to just...

Super Mario Is Coming To Your Smartphone.

It’s official: Mario and Luigi are headed to your smartphone.

Nintendo declared an association with a portable gaming organization to bring the console maker famous characters to Android and iOS devices. In the broadly expected news, Nintendo said they are going into an association with Japanese firm DeNA to create new games and launch an online membership service for mobile devices. This will allow to build a bridge between smart devices and gaming consoles, While still gamers will stick to souped-up gaming PCs or console`s, but mobile phones...

T Shirt of the Day - BATTLE Z

Style : BATTLE Z Osom T - Shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves And Raglans

Battel Of Z Is A Fighting Video Game Taking Into Account The Manga And Anime Establishment Dragon Ball, And Is The First New Amusement In The Series To Be Discharged Since Dragon Ball Z Budokai: HD Collection In 2012 . The Amusement Is In View Of...

Mystery Tee Blowout


Now is the ideal time for a Mystery Tee Blowout! We are providing for you the opportunity to get your hands on some incredible OSOM tees! What might you be able to get?...anything! We have some fantastic Raglans, some Long Sleeves and obviously 100s of tshirts from the osom collections. Wanna see what you'll get? Shop now!

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Happy Women's Day

March 8th is International Women's Day.

African American Women's History: Slavery, Civil Rights, More : 

Uncover the history of African American women: the history of black women in America, from slavery through Reconstruction, Harlem Renaissance and civil rights. Biographies, organizations, events and movements.Black women in the earlier 20th century, during a time of great social change. Includes the Harlem Renaissance, World War II, more. The lives of black women in America before the Civil War ended. Slave narratives, notable African American women including Phillis Wheatley, Sojourner Truth, Sally Hemings and Harriet Tubman, bibliographies,...