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"When rebel spies obtain information that could lead to the destruction of the Empire's new secret weapon, the two forces engage in battle on the surface of this arid and hot desert world.”
"The Rebel Alliance has established a base on this desolate world covered in ice and snow, but the Empire has discovered is location and has prepared a large-scale ground assault to destroy it.”
"The Empire has set up a massive shield generator on this small forest moon near the Outer Rim, but the Rebel Alliance has sent a covert strike team to attack and destroy the Imperial outpost.”
"When it is discovered that massive droid foundries are creating the Separatist droid army led by Count Dooku, the Republic dispatches the Jedi to the arid desert world to destroy the operation altogether.”
"The dense and humid Outer Rim planet becomes a battleground for control of the galaxy’s, routes as Republic and Separatist forces fight to secure the advantage in a never-ending battle.”
"The wroshyr tree covered Wookiee home planet is a major hub in the Mid Rim section of the galaxy. When the Separatist invade, the Republic is threatened with the loss of the crucial system.”
as the capital city of the galactic republic, coruscant is residence to many senators and the supreme chanchellor himself. The separatist special forces will attempt to disrupt the power of the senate.

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