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This is really outstanding - one could perhaps compare it somewhat to "Medium" however it's darker and perhaps with a sadder tone; very well put together with superb, believable performances that you probably feel more than just see.

The beautiful performance by the wonderful Lesley Sharp as messed up and confused medium Alison mundy really did bring the series to life, and the outstanding Andrew Lincoln matched that as the un-believing sceptic Robert Bridge. These two characters were portrayed every week perfect, and yet it did not seem to bore you with the same two faces. the story lines were just as gripping, showing every day members of the public dealing with death in modern life. This was quite entertaining. well done everyone who worked on the show, it was magnificent!

The characters reach out to you rather than just appear on the screen; it explores the notion of the "unwanted special gift" well and explore ridicule, disbelief and skepticism without falling for the normal clichés that we so often expect in this kind of feature.

The stories have original structure and the ongoing component is wholly necessary and not trivial; I was impressed.
Fortunately I feel the ending was wide enough open to easily permit a 2nd season to come along, I really hope they do this as it has at least the promise that Medium has and perhaps a bit more in some ways.

Easily 5 stars out of 5 for me – if you get the chance to see it do so, very rewarding viewing.

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