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All Is Vanity

Charles Allan Gilbert better known as C. Allan Gilbert, was a prominent American illustrator.
The drawing employs a double imagein which the scene of a woman admiring herself in a mirror, when viewed from a distance, appears to be a human skull.
It is less widely known that Gilbert was an early contributor to animation, and a camouflage artist.
In art, vanity has long been represented as a woman preoccupied with her beauty. And art that contains a human skull as a focal point is called a memento mori, A work that reminds people of their mortality.
His illustrations were frequently published in all leading magazines.
while he was still a student at the Art Students' League, that he completed All Is Vanity, the drawing that became popular when it was initially published in Life magazine in 1902.
Gilbert was so strongly identified with his drawing All Is Vanity that he is sometimes mistakenly credited with two other popular double image artworks, Gossip: And the Devil Was There, and Social Donkey, both of which were apparently made by another illustrator of the same time period.

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