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4 most anticipated Superhero movies of 2016

Here’s a list of top 4 superhero movies this year that you should not miss. OSOM,s got the fan merch covered! The year has already kicked off with a bang thanks to STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS, but we predict the best is yet to come with a huge list of potential match winners lined up this year. Trust me picking 4 was hard!

Batman vs Superman, The dawn of Justice – This has to top our lists, I don’t think any of you are going to doubt that. The greatest face off in Superhero history, Bruce Wayne takes on Clark kent, all the makings of a classic. Zack Schnyder rarely disappoints folks. March 25th, coming your way!

Deadpool – You HAVE to see the trailer if you already haven’t. Rare spark of humor in a superhero flick, Deadpool tells you the story of former special forces soldier Wade Wilson who ends up at the receiving end of a rogue experiment much like Wolverine. He adopts the alter ego of Deadpool and sets out to for revenge with some cool ass powers and a twisted sense of humor!


DEADPOOL - Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) Ryan Reynolds Superhero Movie HD

Captain America: Civil war – Cap Steve Rogers leads a team of his own Avengers against those of the government, with the latter believing that certain accountability needs to be maintained. Rogers disagrees and leads his band against the likes of Tony Stark, who surprisingly is on the side of the government. Another superhero clash?

Assasins Creed – This is one that you really should watch out for and may not be as talked about as the others but has one of the most brilliant story lines and Michael Fassbender leading the charge. As if the game wasn’t enough to make us fan boys go crazy, the movie looks to impress too! Stay tuned, more on this one!


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