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Death Note – A must watch for every anime lover


Checked out the new death note print tees in our collection? Death note is not just any anime. It has just one season, released in 2006 but till date is considered to be arguably the best anime of all time. It’s not the fight scenes or the visual effects that have won the series this accolade, just plain old classic story telling. It’s so loved that not one but two Hollywood releases are scheduled to go on floors based on Death Note. The guy behind the success of the anime is Tetsuro Araki, who is more of a Zack Snyder kind of director than a let’s say Michael Bay. He uses the age old art of storytelling in a manner to make even writing in a book seem nail biting. Death Note at its core, challenges our morality and shows clearly and brilliantly, the inner workings of a serial Killer with a god complex.

The series is centered around 2 characters, Light and L. Light is a kid who discovers a mysterious note book that has the power to kill anyone whose name shall be written in it. With this new found power, Light aims to become the change that society needs and write down the names of all those he deems unjust, guilty and unfit for society so that only the good ones are left. Once this is done he aims to rule over this kingdom of good people. In steps L, the detective who aims to put an end to the killings and find the killer. What ensues is a fascinating game of cat and mouse which leaves the viewers at the edge of their seats!

The special factor of the anime lies in how closely relevant it is to the viewers. We all have that crazy fantasy of what we’d do if we had such power which involves us even more in L’s journey as the show goes on.

Official Death Note English Dub Trailer

Go for it if you haven’t watched it already, I’m going to watch the season for the 3rd time!

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