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Dragon Ball Z has been resurrected!

The legendary Dragon ball series has finally come out with their 15th and most epic movie called Dragon Ball Z resurrection. The basic plotline of the movie is something like this – The crazy sycophant Sorbet summons the legendary dragon Shenlong and asks for the revival of the ultimate face of evil – Frieza, who can finally seek revenge on the saiyan duo of Goku and Vegeta who must train under Beerus, the feline god of destruction and Whis, Martial artist extraordinaire to save the earth. If any of this stuff made sense to you or appealed to you, then this movie is going to be a blast for you and you’re going to be thoroughly entertained.  But on the other hand if this didn’t make much sense to you then don’t bother wasting your time trying to make sense of the movie, it won’t be as enlightening.

The resurrection of F is a movie that is strictly made for a dedicated target audience, more like a reward for all the hardcore dragon ball Z loyalists that are forever waiting to go into super saiyyan mode! The fights can tend to get a little repetitive and have clearly been worked on a lot, probably more for cameo purposes of the glimpses of the previous Dragon Ball franchises. Creator Akira Toyama has come up with a Kickass script however, with Vegeta, Goku and Frieza all three transcending into higher states of beings and new forms.

Besides this, the movie isn’t an out an out action movie and provides some pretty cool moments of comic relief as well, courtesy of Beerus and Whis, and sometimes random bystanders remarking completely ridiculous things! Sure shot entertainer this movie, and a must watch for all those who have been and still do follow the DBZ series.

Check the trailer –

NEW!!! Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of F Trailer featuring the Gold Frieza Form!!!

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