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Superman Secrets – 5 facts you didn’t know about Kal-El


He’s the man, the man of steel, the man of tomorrow, the prince of Krypton, weighing over 200 pounds it’s Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman! You know very well who we’re talking about here, he’s your favorite superhero and we’ve got not one but TWO dedicated tees for all the Superman fans.

There’s some cool secrets about this ace superhero, he’s not much of a talker so he obviously wouldn’t have told you some of these mind blowing secrets. For instance, did you know that Superman and Clark Kent have been seen together at the same place at the same time? Sounds impossible doesn’t it but here we go –

  1. He’s quite the Casanova – Sups didn’t always date Lois Lane, he had quite some luck with the ladies. Besides his long term crush for Wonder woman (for which he can’t be blamed), he also dated Lori, a girl who turned out to be a mermaid from Atlantis. Yes, he actually dated a MERMAID. And his high school sweetheart Lana was in the list too. But Lois seemed like the most stable relationship.
  2. Superman was a time traveller – he frequently travelled to the 30th century and chilled with the Legion of Super Hero’s as Superboy and learned how things are done. That’s why he’s always so optimistic about humanity. He knows we have a bright future!
  3. The S on his chest doesn’t stand for Superman – The S is actually the symbol for the House of El, to which Superman or ‘Kal-El’ belongs.
  4. YES he was seen at the same place and time as Clark Kent – So that he is never doubted, he got some of his shape shifting friends to take the form of Clark Kent and interact with Superman so that the humans never doubt .
  5. Kryptonite isn’t his only weakness – He gets his power from a yellow sun like ours, so a red sun on another planet would rob him of all the super and just leave the ‘man’.

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