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7 facts about ancient Egypt – the coolest civilization in history

7 facts about ancient Egypt – the coolest civilization in history

Our new Egypt print tee gives you the perfect platform to show your loyalty to the coolest civilization in human history. Ancient Egypt continues to fascinate the world, with the mummies that come to life and the bare bodied attires. Not to forget the cool make up and jewelry that the guys wore. But what fascinates us the most is probably their language, hieroglyphics – talking through pictures. This code took historians years to decipher and has all the cool spells and curses you probably heard of after watching Brendan Fraser’s Mummy series.

Here are a few things you should know about them –

The most famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was not even Egyptian. Cleopatra VII was probably the most famous personality after King Tut, and she was no Egyptian! Cleo was actually a descendant of Ptolemy I, one of Alexander the Great’s right hand men.

Ancient Egyptians loved board games, so much so that King Tut was found buried with some board games, so that he didn’t get bored in the after- life. Even queen Nefertiti was depicted playing famous games like ‘Mehen’ and ‘Senet’.

Egyptian pharaohs were mostly fat asses (can’t really doubt it with their diet of wine, beer, honey and bread) they consumed high calorie foods and were mostly obese according to historians!

 Egyptians fancied pets. Not your average pets, mind you! Besides the average cats and dogs, these guys actually domesticated lions, baboons, eagles, hawks and ibises. A lot of them died in the process, but what’s life without a little risk eh?

They even had their own Spidey!

Contrary to Popular belief, the pyramids were not built by the Egyptian slaves. The pyramids were built by paid labor, done by skilled guys who did this for a living! Imagine how ‘stoned’ they got every day, building and building!


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