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Crazy Cannabis tales

Calling all Bob Marley fans! Cannabis always makes memories and more often than not, interesting stories too. Here are a few of the most eye catching story's 'Weed' love you to know about! These tales are the pick of the lot from 2014, a year of revolutionary ideas and pot based products hitting the American markets mainly, since most of the crazy shit including Aliens and Apocalypses happen in America!

First up, we’ve got weed infused massages, taking customers by storm. A spa in downtown Denver gives its clients the most blissful of massages, with crazy skilled employees and weed infused lotion that uses the topical to open the sensory profile of the skin. The customers say that they float after the heavenly massage, but aren’t stoned at all. Talk about innovation!

Yo maan! Jamaica has decriminalized marijuana on the Caribbean coast where it had been so consistent and almost omnipresent but illegal. The news was mainly owing to religious consideration toward the Rastafarian followers in the land, who call the plant a holy herb.

Southern Oregon is home to Sugar Bob, the world’s first stoner deer. This pot hungry animal is a marijuana medical farm deer that chews on the fallen leaves and the occasional bud too!

The American Icon – Cigarette has been reintroduced without the tobacco, by a Colorado based company. They’ve introduced weed cigarettes, completely tobacco free! Check out Rifle’s Cranford Colo Cigarettes for more on that.

Chromic con – A weed friendly Comic con, where fans can come together and smoke pot and trip on their favorites comics, safely with a friendly environment. Nerds and fans can come together and dress up as their favorite comic heroes or movie characters.

25.4 tons of Weed seized – 25.4 tons of weed was seized in a 5 day raid in a small southern Albanian Village. Imagine tapping into that supply! Believed to be one of Europe’s biggest producers with 91,000 plants and 4 scientific laboratories set up in the village.

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