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The Viper is here!

Beware, the most dangerous snake on the face of the earth has infiltrated the clothing industry! Slithering its way into your wardrobes, we bring to you – The viper. Magnificent green scales that camouflage with the blades of the grass are now on the face of the tee that inspires most to go for the kill rather than sitting around and beating about the bush! Killer instinct couldn’t be more synonymous with this predator that gives off the most alarming vibe even when you can’t see it.

It’s only fitting that WWE superstar Randy Orton, known for his element of surprise and predator instinct calls himself the Viper, and sneaks up on his prey before ultimately annihilating them with his signature move – The RKO.

Another famous Viper Reference coming your way is the Red Viper of Dorne – Oberyn Martell. Yes, A Game Of Thrones Reference! Martell’s sigil features an orange sun with a spear and the words – Unbowed, Unbent and Unbroken. A fierce warrior with a charm of his own, Oberyn really was a class act and had the Mountain on his knees, much like a viper plays around with his pray before eating it. Hailing from the land on the southern tip of Westeros, the proud prince of dorne comes to king’s landing seeking revenge, with venom dripping from his mouth as he looks to avenge the death of his sister Elia. The Red Viper is really a fitting name for this elegant killing machine.

Speaking of colours, the Green Viper is our pick and the spot for ‘Green Viper of India’ remains open and up for grabs. We even have the perfect tee befitting the great snake that has been labeled as the deadliest in the country! With a gradient of green and yellow scales flowing across the t-shirt, this is certainly a style statement to say the least, with confidence and killer instinct oozing out of every corner. Are you game?

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