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The Ultimate Transformer – Optimus Prime

Soldier, Leader, Scholar, Guide, Optimus Prime is all of these. It’s no surprise we have the Autobot leader on our latest Transformers tee. He’s a genius and an inspiration, and when you team up his heroics with a kick ass score from Linkin Park it’s no surprise the Transformers franchise has all of us going crazy with every sequel that seems to better the previous one. It’s ironical that the big guy wants peace and harmony throughout the universe, but seems to be set out on a path of destruction and war. It helps to look cool though, with an insane blue and red truck with flames and thrusters on either side he is definitely one sweet ride in his disguise! He’s beaten the Fallen, thrashed Megatron and even beaten the great Sentinel Prime. He is the last of the Primes, and we’ve got for you the top 5 quotes from the great Robot leader himself –


“Like us, there’s more to them than meets the eye.”

Optimus ponders over how amazing us humans can be after seeing the bravery of Sam witwicky. The Robots in disguise finish their first chapter in Hollywood, winning over millions of hearts.

“It’s been an honor serving with you all.”

Again from the same installment, Optimus tells the team this as he plans to go all out and sacrifice himself in the next battle.

“I am Optimus Prime and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars. We are here and we are waiting”

Optimus Prime calls out to all the Autobots that are scattered throughout the universe, calling out for help and calling them to the Earth after the destruction of their home, Cybertron.

These three are our pick, besides the good old – Autobots, Roll out!


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