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5 reasons why the guy on our new tee - Mad Max should be your favorite!

  1. Sticking to the rules works – The movie Mad Max: Fury Road is an out and out action film, with a clear insanity about the movie and everyone in it. The movie is insane in a good way and quite different from your average action flicks (Fast and Furious, Avengers etc.) People actually die here and a stab is enough to kill you, unlike the latest Fast and Furious movie for example where Vin diesel drives his car off a cliff and comes out and dusts himself!
  2. The Hero isn’t the Hero – The star of the film, Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) isn’t the central figure in the film even though his name is in the title. It’s actually Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) who steals the show.
  3. The Cars – The cars shown in the movie have been specially constructed to fit the post apocalyptic world setting and still manage to carry out 80kmph chase sequences that have actually been shot. YES, they have actually been shot, not like the avengers relying on visual effects to carry the movie. V8 engines have been used and a lot of fire that you see in the movie during the fight scenes is all part of the shoot, all of it is real.
  4. Flame throwing guitarist – The War Party has a truck with speakers and a guitarist hanging from strings, suspended in the air playing a flame throwing guitar, man those feels! Imagine riding to war with an army of crazies and live metal music to pump you up even more!
  5. You don’t need explanations – unlike the new avengers movie that left everyone bewildered, as to who scarlet witch is, why is Ultron angry and other basic questions like that, Mad Max doesn’t need to be explained to you. It is a plot far more complex, yet the audience is gripped enough to not consciously question each and every twist and turn of the plot.


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