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Jade Buddha, from the temple to the tee!

The Jade Buddha is one of the most valuable and precious collectables when it comes to Feng Shui cures and carvings. The stone has a very light and sweet feeling and almost makes you feel that it’s healing you. Although it’s the color of kryptonite it works quite the opposite! That’s probably why in China it is the most popular choice for Jewelry since ancient times and is used in beads, necklaces and bracelets. The jade is insane though as a stone, and comes in varieties! Some is called Gobi Desert Jade because it comes from the Gobi Sandstone and there’s Wood Jade as well because the stone was originally wood before it transformed into Jade. The shades of Jade also vary from light to dark green.

The Jade Buddha is synonymous with Purity and purification of those around you! So we thought rather than carrying a jade stone which will cost you thousands and be a pain in the butt if you manage to misplace it, you could wear the ambassador of peace and enlightenment on this quirky anime jade green tee instead. Simplistic printed tees seem to be the trend nowadays but its more about wearing what defines you. Why not go with a little bit of healing and good vibes rather than the same old action and fiction that 99.99% of the world wears. I’d say be gold, but why choose gold when you could be Jade! Oh another fact coming your way, in China they say that Gold is highly valuable but Jade, is invaluable.

There’s a Jade Buddha temple in Shanghai that was built all the way back in 1882 and houses two huge Jade Buddhas. You need to visit it to feel those vibes! Or you could visit our website for a teaser!

- Samarth A

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