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Batman Vs. Superman – All the makings of an epic superhero movie

After watching the trailer of Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, we’re all definitely looking forward to March 2016 now. The year anyway has shown a lot of promise, with Deadpool, X-men, Gambit, Suicide squad and good old Captain America among the movies that are scheduled for release. It’s safe to say that Batman vs. Superman has the most promise, with these two being the biggest names out there and commanding the largest fan following. We luckily happen to have tees featuring both these stud muffins, what would you do without us! The movie is set as a sequel to Man of Steel with Superman shown fighting Zod and the Wayne Tower gets destroyed in the process.

That’s enough to piss batman off, who hates superman because he blames him for the destruction caused in Gotham. Batman is the cooler guy, with all the gadgets and swag and a certain class about everything he does. He is undoubtedly the common man’s hero, fighting for a cause without being born a superhero. Superman on the other hand is from another planet, Krypton as we famously know it. It helps us being friends with the guy; he transports our orders there on his weekly visits so it saves us a lot of the shipping costs! But jokes apart, he’s a great guy. He’s your typical Mr Nice guy who is righteous and wouldn’t hurt a fly unless they decided to destroy the earth (or mess with a certain Louis Lane of the daily planet). It’s going to be an amazing movie if Snyder is able to pull off what he shows so promisingly in the trailer.

With glimpses of Lex Luthor, and Wonder woman and possibly even Aquaman, this movie certainly is a must watch for all the superhero buffs, so pick your side and show your support with either a batman or a superman tee to go with your jeans. March 2016 guys, this seems like one movie you’re not going to want to miss!

- Samarth A

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