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Typography as Both Communication Tool and Art

Typography is a visual culture and integral part of communication. It has been used everywhere, but mainly in advertising and design. Typography can be easily defined as an art of arranging type to make a visually pleasing and attractive written message. It involves line length, typefaces, letter spacing, line spacing, point size, and continuity between every letter. In the modern days of digital printing and publications, typography has been used in multimedia contents such as film as well.

It does not take a type-designer to become typographer, but it still requires techniques and experiences to arrange letters and words in certain orientation and size to make every intended message eye-catching and easily readable. You don’t need to be a film maker, skilled advertiser, graffiti painter, or master any field of study to deliver a message by using typography. Since any media can be used, one of the easiest ways to harness the power of typography is by writing your message on a T-shirt. OSOM Wear provides a variety of ready-to-use typography messages on a collection of girl T-shirts available from its online store.

A message is meant to be delivered. It is your choice to decide what medium to use and how to deliver it. Typography in itself offers unique and attractive way to say something or anything. The combination of beautiful typefaces creates such interesting visual effects yet everything is easy to read.

Wearing a shirt printed with typography-based messages is not only an easy way to express your mind, but it is also a stylish method to tell people about your message. When printed on a T-shirt, the message also becomes personal, so it represents only the person who wears the piece of clothing. To some extent, this method is the most effective way to express your feelings toward anything or anyone.

Another good thing is that typography tees provided by OSOM Wear are affordable; it is certainly way less expensive than putting your message on a film, TV advertisements, or most other visual media. More importantly, all the shirts are made from skin-friendly materials to help you stay cool and comfortable at the same time. The fabric is designed to absorb sweat faster and dry more quickly as well. OSOM Wear Typography T-shirts are light, smooth, and comfortable; typefaces along with their orientation are mixed nicely with the background color so your typography messages are instantly readable without sacrificing aesthetic values.

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