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5 Different Styles to Wear With Your Favorite T-Shirt.

Who doesn't simply love a ragged in, slightly faded t-shirt? From ones with most amazing quotes, or pictures, tshirts are always a great way to make a statement about yourself.

Today, I'm going to show couple of different ways to style with your favorite tees and look different still classy, read more.

1) Add a jacket or hoodie.

One of the most basic and stylish way is to plug in with cool, sexy jacket or hoodie. Small details, like adding a ring and wearing sneakers instead of flip flops can make all the difference in how you look and feel and the best part is this little extras will add few seconds to your style, but still you can make it on time.

2) Try it With Flat Front Shorts.

Do wear a nice flat front cool pair of trendy shorts. Shorts are a modern addition to a man`s wardrobe and thus are still finding acceptance. This look will put together a complete different styling and keep you cool and comfy but make sure that shorts are enough to keep your knees visible or just slightly covered if standing still and long enough that you’re not showing the world you rarely tan your thighs.

3) Have a great pair of jeans.


Jeans and tees are popular with good reason, they’re comfortable and don’t require a lot of thought. However you need to start with the fit. Jeans are not all tailored equally. so if you are the one`s like loose comfy try for baggy with light colors to suit your shape and style, but in straight fit simply go for simple, dark denim will always enhance your personality. 

 4) Pair it with a Trendy shoes

If you spend a lot of time in jeans and tshirts, chances are you wear a lot of casual shoes. But there are so many other type of casual shoes to choose from, it would be a shame to limit yourself to one style. Below are a few of the most popular casual shoe styles, along with tips on how to make them work with jeans.

  a) Sneakers - A Favorite Among Men's Shoes : Sneakers now come in so many styles that they can comfortably be worn with nearly anything. While it's always safe to go with a classic white color, it's more interesting and fashion-forward to try a retro, skate, or European-styled sneaker.

  b) Boots - An Alternative to Shoes with Jeans : A man who won't wear anything but his trusty boots, eventually for those guys, men`s boots are also a perfect match for jeans. Try a pair that doesn't look too much like work boots, hiking boots or cowboy boots, and opt instead for something that's a little more chic, dressy, or cutting-edge.

  c) Loafers, Mocs & Other Slip-Ons : Loafers as for which style will work best with jeans, also there are plenty of slip-on shoe styles to choose from, and they all carry the benefit of having no laces.


5) Add up with a men`s bag:

Simply a bag with one strap , worn across your torso will make a lot difference to your complete look, you can choose from messenger to sling bag. Even though both have one strap , there is a difference between the Messenger bag and the Sling bag. While the Messenger is worn on the lower back, sling bags are worn more forward, on the hip. Matching your sling bag to your entire outfit is not necessary, but try to keep the tones complimentary. Matching it with one item of clothing like a jacket , or your shoes always gives great results.


What Do You Think?

How do you dress up your t-shirts? How many do you think you've accumulated over the last few years of college? 

Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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