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A T-Shirt That Cannot Get Stained : SILIC

For the entire day, our clothes are presented to various things that can damage them. The greatest risk elements are the things we eat and drink. Ever spilled water or dropped food on your garments and needed to change your whole outfit?

Now the Solution for the problem is out here "SILIC" is the first self-cleaning clothing line with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology.The Super soft, and breathable fabric prevents stains from sweat and spills before you end your day, and also can last over 80 washes.

The Fabric uses nanoparticles of silica attached to the strands on the microscopic level. This reasons water-based fluids to just move off the material rather than getting splash into it.

It's not precisely new innovation yet hydrophobic nanotechnology is something that dependably feels otherworldly.

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