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Super Mario Is Coming To Your Smartphone.

It’s official: Mario and Luigi are headed to your smartphone.

Nintendo declared an association with a portable gaming organization to bring the console maker famous characters to Android and iOS devices. In the broadly expected news, Nintendo said they are going into an association with Japanese firm DeNA to create new games and launch an online membership service for mobile devices. This will allow to build a bridge between smart devices and gaming consoles, While still gamers will stick to souped-up gaming PCs or console`s, but mobile phones and tablets now rule the business.

This partnership sounded fairly basic and non important until Nintendo included the fact that these games would be free to use Nintendo IP in their games, something they perpetually will. This means we can see classic games like Mario, Pokemon and even smaller series like Star fox or F-Zero coming to mobile very soon.

Regardless, Nintendo appears to have at last understood that all we ever needed was to see Mario and Pokemon on our smartphones. I most definitely couldn't be more satisfied to hear that this fantasy is at long last working out as expected.

Also would you play Nintendo titles on the iPhone/android or prefer them to be only on the console ? Share Your Thoughts in below comments section.


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