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Happy Women's Day

March 8th is International Women's Day.

African American Women's History: Slavery, Civil Rights, More : 

Uncover the history of African American women: the history of black women in America, from slavery through Reconstruction, Harlem Renaissance and civil rights. Biographies, organizations, events and movements.Black women in the earlier 20th century, during a time of great social change. Includes the Harlem Renaissance, World War II, more. The lives of black women in America before the Civil War ended. Slave narratives, notable African American women including Phillis Wheatley, Sojourner Truth, Sally Hemings and Harriet Tubman, bibliographies, and much more black history.

Feminism, Women's Suffrage, Women's Rights : 

Women's suffrage was one part of the many changes in the last few centuries. Women's rights and changes attempting to win equality for women have included women's suffrage, feminism, women's property rights, equal opportunity in work and education, and equal pay. Find articles and other resources for understanding the history of women's suffrage, women's rights, and women's equality. Feminism -- a word used since the 1880s in France and 1890s in English -- has meant different things to different people, and different parts of the larger feminist community have had different goals. Thus, "adjectival feminism" -- feminism with a modifier in front of the word -- has included such varieties as socialist feminism, liberal feminism, radical feminism, eco feminism, etc.

Daily Life for Women: Family, Marriage, Education, Home : 

How women lived, in different eras. Recreation, education, social events, marriage, housekeeping, advice, etc.History of women's education from kindergarten through university. Also includes profiles of women educators and curriculum and research resources including lesson plans and university syllabus resources.Marriage, courtship and divorce practices, shedding light on the roles and status of women, wives and widows.History of women's role as mother, and the history of the concept of motherhood and mothering. Includes the history of Mother's Day.How women view and value their bodies has changed over time. These books examine the history of body image and how culture shapes ideas of women's beauty -- useful perspective in dealing with body image and self-esteem issues among girls and women today. There are other good books on body image and beauty culture today from a personal perspective; these books include the best historical analysis.

Women in Sports: Female Athletes, Equality Issues : 

Female athletes, the history of women's sports organizations, and the role of women in sports and athletics.A chronology of women in sports, with a couple of entries in the ancient world and in medieval times, but most in the 19th and 20th centuries.Once voted best woman athlete of the 20th century, Fanny Blankers-Koen was the first woman to win four gold medals at one Olympics -- and she did it at age 30 after having two children. Her status as a wife and mother was used in the media to counter the myth that women athletes were not feminine. Also known as Francina Elsje Koen, "first queen of women's Olympics," "the flying housewife". In 1948  Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year.

Tracy Caulkins, Olympic medalist, began swimming in Nashville when she was eight, and won three gold medals in the 1984 Olympics.First American to set an American record and win an American title in each of four swimming strokes (breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, freestyle) "She's the greatest swimmer this country has ever had, by far. Her sheer ability, her versatility in all four strokes, and her durability in being so great for so long." Randy Reese, coach, University of Florida. In 1980 - America boycotted the Moscow Olympics while Caulkins was at the height of her dominance of American women's swimming. In 1984 - won 200-meter medley with an Olympic record time.

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