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Bring it back !!

FRIENDS is likely the best comedy TV show ever made. Besides from being amazing and staying that way throughout the 10 seasons (most shows "die" after the first few seasons), it's by no means restricted to humor and, therefore, superficial. The characters are very strongly built, each and every one of them is loveable in a unique way. I've heard many people say they didn't like one or more of the characters, usually Rachel, for being shallow, or Joey, for being... well... stupid. But for me, they were all great, each of them was the irreplaceable part of a whole. I laughed with them, I cried with them, I eagerly awaited the next episode. If I had to name the most important traits of the show, from my perspective, they would be: - the characters (my personal favorites being Chandler and Phoebe).

The true, honest, unbreakable FRIENDSHIP! In terms, FRIENDS is one of my favorite shows in history. I've seen it three times and I'd see it again and again. I highly recommend those who believe in friends and the splendid relation of never ending friendship.

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