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"Breaking Bad" spinoff :"Better Call Saul"

Breaking Bad fan? It’s time to get excited.

The arrival of the hugely anticipated spin-off from smash show and binge-watch essential Breaking Bad is imminent.

The last we saw of Saul Goodman, he was purchasing himself another life. As Breaking Bad headed to the last commencement and Walter White was furnishing himself for one final fight, his sleek legal counselor, Saul, was off with a bus ticket to Nebraska, getting away to the dream Plan Z like in every American crime story. Another name, Another town,Another personality, providing him an opportunity to carry on with whatever is left of his life as a schnook. As he told Walter, "If I'm lucky, a month from now, best-case scenario, I'm managing a Cinnabon in Omaha."

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The entire thought of Better Call Saul may make you distrustful. As Saul himself may say, confronted with a disaster he can't simply lie out of, this could go a few ways: It could be a commendable prequel to Breaking Bad, or it could be a pitiful demonstration of distress, after the end of a never-to-be-reattempted desert-noir exemplary. Perhaps Vince Gilligan and the entire AMC group were wilfully ignorant like Walter White, they discovered it excessively frightful to leave the life and go deal with a Cinnabon


The narrative style and visual look of the series may be resemble of its parent show, but these attributes are tremendously welcome here. The use of non-linear storytelling, extreme camera angles, and strikingly appropriate music cues make the show feel perfectly vintage. Even with a slight feeling of familiarity, there are times, especially in the premiere episode, when it’s difficult to judge exactly what’s going on. This is not an unwelcome sensation and given that we know the methods of this creative team, we understand that all will be revealed in due time as the series advances and grows. This style of storytelling is what made Breaking Bad such a success and is also what will propel Saul along the correct path as well.

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