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8 Printed Tees That Blew My Mind

As Creative Artist I get to see the majority of the entries as they come in and I need to look and think, "Which of these marvels would make a stunning item?" Sometimes that is simple, some of the time its precarious. Occasionally an outline is chosen and I am energised by the test it will make at the printing stage. Seeing workmanship go from paper to realistic T-shirt is an aspect of my responsibilities I relish.

Fortunately for us our printers are eager to attempt 99.99% of things we toss at them. I affirm the first shirt that is printed of each design. It's a huge obligation but on the other hand its exceptionally amazing. In this article I am going to list down 8 tees that knocked my socks off when I saw the first test print. The tees that truly made me go "whoa!" The art that changed wonderfully from an submission to an article of clothing. How about we do this!

Control By Anthony Lozada

At the point when this extraordinary and marginally bizarre artwork was submitted I was quickly attracted to it. Dim and intriguing with numerous subtle elements to lose all sense of direction in. I asked myself whether it could truly fill in as a printed outline. Yes was the answer, clearly. When I saw the sample print I was astonished at the subtle element that had been caught. Just a couple of shades and a some attractive halftones from our separator and this thing truly popped. Special, decently made and one out of the most delightful printed tees I have seen in a while.

Deep In The Forest - By Robert Farkas.

Robert`s work has always caught my eye but this tee was especially successful one, I choose a Navy Blue blank for this one and eco ink. The colors chosen by the artist were perfect. As it passed each printing screen it was clear that it was going to be amazing.This artist knows how to make artwork that works in harmony with a blank.

The Lick - By Doniv

The day this t shirt design rolled off the dryer belt was legendary. We selected it with a nervous unknowing regarding printing. Could we print something like this we never done before. The first print literally stopped the print floor, everyone clambering to take a look. It was glorious and as I signed it off for production I knew it would be a best seller.

Witchcraft Shades - By Bhayu Khrisna

A moment eye catcher, this pencil outline was a prominent design however I had my reservations about whether we could catch that hand drawn fine pencil subtle element.One of the most beautiful shirt designs on osom wear in my opinion.

As I Want To Be - By Gloria Sanchez

This simple minimalistic design seemed too tricky to print on first glance.A designer who considered the process ended up with a very cool result.

Dead Clown - By Balaz Solti


One of the best design from the entire collection, also very popular after the submission,beautiful artwork by a very talented artist Balaz Solti, also on of my favourite.

Hard To Kill - By Anthony Lozada

Dark and interesting with many details to get lost in. I asked myself whether it could really work as a printed design. Yes was the answer, obviously.Unique, well composed and one of the nicest printed tees I have seen in a while.

Domain - By Anthony Lozada

Another piece of awesomeness from Anthony, his art work takes you in the real fantasy world and makes you feel the creativity behind the art work.



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