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Shipping Price Increases :( Avoid them by Paying By Card :)

Hi Guys,

While we've kept our prices the same for 2.5 years, unfortunately during that time a lot of our costs have gone up. We've previously avoided passing these increases on to you guys as much as possible and absorbed them ourselves.

As of today we've had to increase some of our shipping rates slightly. However the good news is that you can avoid these increases if you pay for your order by Credit/Debit card or by Bank Transfer! It cost us less to accept payments this way, so if you pay this way we're happy to absorb the increased shipping costs ourselves so you don't have to:)

Nobody likes price increases, least of all ourselves, but we hope that you guys make use of the compromise we've come up with which means you won't have to pay any extra.


Vinod Pillai

Founder OSOM 


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