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New Releases - It's Good To Be BAD!!!

That Is Great About The Godfather, Creepy Zombie Dead Horror, Skeleton Middle Finger,  Avada Kedavra From Herry Potter Checkout Whole Collection On

The Godfather

Rather Than Concentrating On Everything That Is Great About The Godfather, A Much Easier Way For Me To Judge Its Quality Is On What Is Bad About It. Almost Every Film Has Something That I Don't Like About It, But I Can Honestly Say That I Wouldn't Change Anything About The Godfather.

This Is One Of Those Films That Made Me Wonder Why I Hadn't Seen It Earlier. The Acting From Everyone Involved Is Great, Marlon Brando Comes Across Perfectly As The Head Of The Family, And James Caan And Al Pacino Are Excellent As His Sons. The Soundtrack By Nino Rota Is Also Very Memorable, Bringing Back Memories Of The Film Every Time I Hear It. The Plot Has To Be Excellent For It To Get Ten Out Of Ten.

The Film Is Pretty Shocking In The Way Every Death Occurs Almost Instantaneously, And As It Spans Ten Years So Many Different Things Happen And Every Minute Of It Is Great Entertainment. It's A Well-Made And Entertaining Film That Is Only The First Part Of A Trilogy, But It Stands On Its Own As A Wonderful Film In Its Own Right. If You Haven't Seen It, What Are You Waiting For? 


Dead Finger

Creepy Zombie Dead Horror Gothic Iron Patch - Skeleton Middle Finger

The Anger Reflects From Dark Side Of Evil, Which Reflects Signs Of Death Indication.


Harry Potter - 

The Killing Curse (Also Known As The Avada Kedavra Curse) (Avada Kedavra) Is A Tool Of The Dark...

"Does Anyone Know Where Avada Kedavra Came From? It Is An Ancient Spell In Aramaic, And It Is The Original Of "Abracadabra", Which Means 'Let The Thing Be Destroyed.' Originally, It Was Used To Cure Illness And The 'Thing' Was The Illness, But I Decided To Make It The 'Thing' As In The Person Standing In Front Of Me. I Take A Lot Of Liberties With Things Like That. I Twist Them Round And Make Them Mine."Rowling's Use Of This Name May Have Been Influenced By Latin Cadaver = "Corpse".

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