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Your Guide to Buying Hoodies On OSOMWEAR

Hoodies come in a variety of styles. They are popular for both men and women, and they are also commonly worn by children. Before the term hoodie caught on, these garments were simply called hooded sweatshirts. Many people choose hoodies for the comfort they provide during cooler weather. However, several modern hoodies are made with alternative materials, styles, and features.


Tips for Choosing Hoodies

The right type of hoodie or hoodies for one person depends on his or her individual preferences. With so many different styles and features available, some people may find several types of hoodies they want to buy. When buying hoodies online, it is important to consider every feature that makes up the garment. Pullover and zip-up hoodies are the two main styles to choose from.


Pullover Hoodies

Many people choose this style of hoodie to avoid dealing with a zipper. Although the way zippers bubble outward bothers some people, it is not an issue for others. People who do not like this look will likely prefer a pullover hoodie. If a shirt will not be worn underneath the garment, choosing a pullover hoodie also eliminates the possible itching a zipper might cause. However, people who choose pullover hoodies should consider styling their hair after dressing. Some hoodies have wider necklines, so this may not always be an issue. Another reason people choose pullover hoodies is for their muff pockets. Some hoodies also have deeper or tapered muff pockets, which keep keys or other items from falling out as easily. Many alternative pullover hoodies today have sleeve pockets or frontier-style pockets.

Hoodie Material

In the past, most hoodies were made of the same materials as sweatshirts. Cotton and fleece blends are popular with people who want to keep warm. There are several types of hoodies today with mesh lining, which are popular with athletes. In addition to this, there are hoodies with windbreaker shells that are optimal for hikers in higher altitudes or for use during cooler weather. While the majority of hoodies are made of cotton, fleece, or blends, there are also velour hoodies. These are optimal for cooler weather. Some hoodies that are part of certain fashion trends may be made of other materials. Leather, spandex, and rare fabric blends are also used for some designer garments.



Hoodie Designs

While some people choose plain hoodies without graphics or prints woven into the material, many hoodies today have special graphic designs. These may depict funny sayings, sports teams, bands, or a specific cause. Not all designs are applied the same, and the technique often determines how long the design will last. Keep in mind that the key to keeping a design intact is washing the garment inside out on a gentle cycle using cold water. To avoid cracking on the design, hang the hoodie to dry. Silk screening, heat transfer, digital cutout, and direct-to-garment printing are the most common methods used for applying designs.

Silk Screening

Silk screening is often referred to as screen printing. With this method, a screen is created for each color used in the design. Each screen is burned separately onto the garment. This type of method is known for yielding long-lasting prints. Many screen prints also survive the washer and dryer for long periods of time.


Heat Transfer

With this type of method, the design is applied to the shirt using a heat source. In most cases, people use an iron. Most designs applied with this method will not peel or crack severely. However, some may peel over time with continual exposure to high dryer temperatures.


Digital Cutout

This type of print is commonly associated with embossed looks. Artists are able to create or cut special designs on their computers. These designs are sent to a digital printer and applied to special materials such as vinyl, foil, or flocking. With this method, the design cutout on the special material is applied to the hoodie with a heat source. As time passes, this type of design is known for peeling and cracking.




Direct-to-garment printing requires a special DTG machine. The application process is similar to the heat transfer method. However, a DTG machine is capable of printing a wider variety of colors within a small area. In addition to this, the design does not appear as stiff as a heat transfer design. If the hoodie is cared for properly, this type of application should last a long time.



Hoodie Measurements

When ordering a hoodie online, it is important to ensure it will fit properly. The following table provides some helpful tips for men, women, and children. In most cases, the waist measurement is not an issue. For designer hoodies with special tailoring, all of these measurements may be necessary. If sellers do not provide a size chart, they may include chest or hip measurements. If more measurements are necessary, ask the seller to obtain them.




Many hoodies on OSOMWEAR are Expensive, but it is important to treat each purchase as an investment. To avoid wearing a hoodie that will sit in the closet and collect dust, make sure it fits individual preferences and measurements.


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