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Top Ten Popular Sheldon T Shirts

The cast of the Big Bang Theory and specifically Sheldon Cooper have been bravely in charge of making nerds cool.

This isn't Sheldon's just non-exploratory accomplishment however, he has additionally made another design slant in quirky shirts.

The Green Lantern and the Flash logos are currently more connected with our most loved OCD enduring physicist than the first super saints!

It's difficult to accept that the Big Bang Theory is currently in its eighth season and turned out in excess of 6 years prior in 2007!

I like most individuals battle to pick a most loved character, would it say it is Sheldon with his funny quirks, peculiarities and fanatical attributes or Leonard with his steady dissatisfaction with Sheldon and his falling flat with Penny?

Might it be able to be Raj and his particular mutism before the women or perhaps Howard and his tenacious repulsive visit up lines and his deplorable dress sense? With such a rich and funny show of characters its difficult to pick a top choice!

To praise OSOM wonderful scope of Big Bang Theory and Sheldon motivated T shirts, I've assembled the ten best sheldon t shirts. 

Revel in!


1. Bazinga Sheldon
2. Green Lantern
3. Flash
4. Man Bot
5. Red Lantern
6. Let There Be Light
7. Sheldon 73
8. The Lizard Spock Expansion
9. Star Sapphire
10. Shazam
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