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Mumbai - Amazing Facts! Some fascinating actualities about the Maximum City

Life in a city like Mumbai, is on one handfull of furious new disclosures every day and on the other, is additionally a steady granulate that the flexible individuals of the city continue fervently.

With all its sufficiencies and inadequecies, the exceptional city keeps on haing a mesmeric impact on individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds cutting crosswise over India and past, who come in swarms into the Maximum City day by day, looking for a superior future.

The mind boggling city of Mumbai has an exceptionally striking history and there lying covered inside its chest are astonishing actualities, some of which are continuously recorded beneath:


  • Mumbai is based on what was before a gathering of seven islands.
  • These seven islands were fused into one landmass over a time of six decades beginning around 1784 AD
  • Mumbai was formerly known as Bombay, a name given by the Portuguese pilot, Francis Almeida determined from Bom Bahia which implies the Good Bay.
  • The Portuguese gave over Bombay to the English in 1661, as a piece of endowment, when King Charles II of England wedded Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugal.
  • The zero mile of Mumbai, which denote the focal point of the city has 3 separate areas as saw by the Mumbaikars. The Flora Fountain at Hutatma Chowk, the Asiatic Society Library in the Fort zone and the GPO close to the CST end, all are accepted to be the real zero mile/s of Mumbai.




  • The Flora Fountain was raised at the accurate spot where once a passage to Bombay Fort, Churchgate, an entryway named after the St Thomas Cathedral, used to be. The Cathedral was the first church to be inherent Mumbai and is likewise the reason that we have a station by the name 'Churchgate'.
  • The Asiatic Society Library has one of the main two first version unique duplicates of Dante's Divine Comedy in its gathering.
  • The Asiatic Society Library has one of the main two first version unique duplicates of Dante's Divine Comedy in its gathering.


  • The Mumbai suburban trains or local people, the help of the city convey more than 7.2 million workers' regular, which is more than the aggregate populace of Israel.
  • The Mumbai suburban trains convey almost 200,000 lunch boxes known as dabbas regular which are disseminated by the 4000 odd "Dabbawalas" to corporates, laborers and understudies indistinguishable.

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