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Buy Exclusive Sin city T shirts Online India

For all the Sin city lovers and fans bring out the marv within you and get into the character feel the presence of the world where crime is king, babes are beautiful and totin’ a gun is a way of life in “Sin City.”

Buy Exclusive Sin city T shirts Online India
He has an unusual level of speed which, coupled with his well-developed fighting skills, incredible strength and a strong appetite for torture. allow him to bring down with startling ease nearly anyone who challenges him or breaks his personal code of ethics never blinks, 
He suffers from an unnamed mental condition that causes him to "get confused" which, judging from his own awareness of his illness and the effects it is shown to have, probably involves short-term memory loss and possibly hallucinations. He also fears "turning into what they always said he was gonna turn into- a maniac, a psycho killer."
Marv has convinced himself that he doesn't have a particularly high intellect, but he shows a surprising amount of intelligence when needed, noticeably an ability to logically deduce confusing and complex events quite accurately, sometimes based on scarce or conflicting information, his skills in combat also imply a degree of intelligence from a tactical viewpoint.
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