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Who doesn’t love the Salvatore brother’s? Tall, handsome and forever young! These two adventurous sibling have taken over the hearts of a million fans dying to catch the next season that’s suppose to be out by fall 2014.

The plot of the series is a very turbulent love triangle between two vampires and a human girl (well by now she is a vampire too!). The story has a very original adventurous take on the notion of the supernatural and various forms of it. I mean you have vampires, werewolves, hybrids, ghosts, doppelgangers, witches... you name it, and it’s there. What’s amazing about this entire series is that you are constantly gripped every second because of the sudden twists and plot turns. It’s not your everyday soppy love story but one which will intrigue you and get you so hooked that every Friday you’ll wait for the new episode attentively online so you can finally find out what happened!

Elena an orphan, who lives with her little brother and aunt, is torn between her love for two brothers that are vampires.  She doesn't know it at that point but as the season continues she finds out, falls in love, her aunt dies, her aunt’s boyfriend who was her guardian tries to kill her and dies, her best friend is a witch and the other ones a vampire, she loses Stefan to a blood lust which he can’t control, eventually jumping g to season five she burns her house down because her brother Jeremy is dead and she is now a vampire too! The trajectory of events in the series is crazy fast, dramatic and will sometimes leave you speechless. 

The latest season i.e. season 6 was really interesting as the audience finds out that Elena is now in love with the older Salvatore brother (Damon) and Stefan is planning to leave town to deal with his broken heart.  Or are Elena and Stefan going to rekindle their romance, well they were the original power couple?? We’re not going to dish out the details and ruin the season for you but we can tell you one thing: nothing that you expect will happen... Everything you don’t expect is bound to happen. It will shock you, make you cry, surprise you, make you smile and leave you wanting more!

Given that love triangles are old but this one has a taste of both the old age notion as well as the new age idea of what love should be. It’s amazing how the origin of the story actually begins way back in the 10-11th century and consequences of events at that point have an effect in the present day time in the series.

This show is for the supernatural obsessed geek in you. In the course of time you are shown the origins of vampires and the family of originals, the first hunters, the birth of werewolves, doppelgangers and what they are... we can go on and one but its highly recommended  you go watch for yourself and thank us later!

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