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Just Introduced - OSOM Rewards

1 - How do Levels work?

Customers start at Level 1 and can level up infinitely; Levels cannot be deducted or exchanged with prizes or discounts.

2 - How do Prizes work?

Prizes are essentially either % or amount coupons that can be purchased with points. Prizes can:

• Require a minimum level to unlock
• Cost karma points
• Be either percentage or dollar amount coupons

The coupons we generate are one-use only; and do not have an expiration date.

3 - What are karma points?

Karma points are used to unlock:
• Prizes (coupons)
• Perks

Points are completely relative and you can either choose to set it in two, three, or four figures. as long as you adjust the cost of prizes & perks accordingly.

Points can work better than direct in-store credit in many cases.

4 - How do Referrals work?

The referral program is quite straightforward and embedded in the shopping experience. At the end of the checkout; customers see an offer to share their purchase on Facebook & Twitter.

The status contains a special referral link; so that they earn a commission off any referred sales.

If Rita refers Bobby to your store and Bobby places a Rs 1000 order, Rita earns Rs100 in-store credit.

5 - How do Reviews work?

Reviews are comments left by customers on products they purchased.

The review includes:
- Mood (Happy - Neutral - Unhappy)

- Comment



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