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5 Top Tips on How To Wash and Care for Your Favorite New T-Shirt

Few tips we have picked up to keep our favorite t-shirts around for a longer time.

As all our t-shirts are limited and special editions, its better to take care of your new tee as you will not be able to just buy another of the same design a few weeks or months later. After time you may have a collectible on your hands - especially with our Limited editions t-shirts.

Our wash instructions is usually be found on a label sewn into the seam found inside the tee, usually down the side.

Washing Tips
Before washing, turn the shirt inside-out. This prevents the design from rubbing against other fabrics and washing machine surfaces, which causes premature fading or chipping of the print. Use your detergent and softener as normal. Separate t-shirts are also very dirty with a not so dirty, because when mixed with dirt will only be a transfer course.

Separate When Washed
Just about every T-shirt brand suggest washing with like colors. This is definitely important, but you should also remember to wash with like fabrics as well. You don’t want to wash your t-shirts with blue jeans or heavy jackets. Instead, wash with other garments that are made from similar or softer fabric, like silk or other jersey knit cotton t-shirts. Do not use bleach. Steer clear of laundry detergent that contain bleach as well.

Drying Tips
Never tumble dry your T-shirts on the heat cycle. Always let them tumble dry at room temperature. Never wring-out the shirt. This will cause cracking and chipping of your custom design. Sunlight can cause fading, therefore before hanging, inside out the t-shirt and ensure the prints are not directly facing the sun.

Do not hang with a hanger for the neck, the t-shirt will quickly expand due to the strong support of the weight of water in a wet t-shirt. Best is to used a dryer or hang it on a clothes line and let it air dry naturally. 

In order to preserve, always iron shirts after washing and drying. Also be sure the t-shirt is ironed at the dry state. Adjust the heat as well as position the iron on medium position.It is fine to use an iron on the shirt if the manufacturer’s instructions say so, but DO NOT iron over or close to the print. Remember, heat is bad.
If you have lot of tees and don't wear them all that often then i suggest taking them off from the clothes hangers. You will find that they stretch the neck and shoulders after time due to the natural forces of gravity and being left on the hanger. If you have a few shirts then i recommend folding them neatly and using some of those big plastic storage containers/boxes to keep them in.

Eventually your shirts will begin to fade and show signs of wear and tear.
This happens with all garments and there’s really nothing you can do about it. But following these simple guidelines, you should be able to enjoy your OSOMWEAR custom t-shirt for many years to come! At the end of the day you may find that the worn look is fashionably in anyway !
If you have any other tips on caring for printed T-shirts, please share them with everyone by leaving a comment below.

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